4 Month
React, Nextjs, BigCommerce


When it comes to labeling technology and shipping materials, the guys at Sterch know their stuff. While offline sales were growing, the web store was a constant source of concern: lack of availability, costly maintenance and no contemporary design. Together with Eisberg, both the web store and the company's online presence were completely overhauled. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and contemporary design, online sales can now also increase.

Headless eCommerce

Until now, Sterch relied on a Magento 2 store system. The maintenance of such outdated store systems is time-consuming or cost-intensive. Ensuring availability and individualization requests cost a lot of time and nerves.

With us, Sterch has switched to a contemporary concept called Headless eCommerce. The store system is completely detached from the actual shopping experience of the customer. So now BigCommerce provides Sterch with all the capabilities to conduct their online business, while we have created a highly customized storefront.

  • High availability of the entire store system (SLA bound > 99.9%)
  • Individualization in the presentation layer in any form easily possible
  • Customization or conversion of the store system (backend) is possible

The cooperation with Eisberg was first class. They responded to our individual wishes at all times. We are looking forward to more projects. ~ Marcus Drabsch (CEO Sterch)

State of the Art Performance and Accessibility

The Google Lighthouse Score is an established means of evaluating a website according to the following criteria: performance (loading speed), accessibility, best practices, SEO, (progressive web app).

We deliver only the latest technology and understand our craft. That's why both Sterch's website and web store achieve a flawless Rating. In comparison, we show the score of the old Sterch webshop and a current score of a competitor.

  • Website Performance that does not let the Converstion rate drop.
  • Usability on any device, whether desktop PC or smartphone.
  • SEO configuration to get optimal results in Google rankings.

Here is a comparison of the old Sterch webshop, the new one and a current competitor.

Sterch x Eisberg Lighthous Score

Custom Eisberg Imagesterch lighthouse score

The old Sterch Lighthouse Score

Custom Eisberg Imagesterch lighthouse score

Lighthouse score of one of Sterch's competitors

Custom Eisberg Imagesterch lighthouse score